From: Registrar ARSA                                  To: 2020-2021 First Year Students

SUBJECT: First Years 2020-2021 Academic Year On-Campus Reporting Dates

The University Senate in a Meeting held on 30th September 2020 resolved that All First Year students report at Main Campus on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th October 2020 following guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education on Phased re-opening of Universities for On-Campus learning. Students are therefore advised as follows:

  1. Laptop are mandatory for blended teaching; administration of examinations and submission of class assignments.
  2. Accommodation spaces are limited. Only students who have paid all requisite fees and accommodation fees will be considered on First Pay-First Accommodated basis (Beds and Mattresses are available).
  3. Students who will reside in the University hostels will not be allowed to cook. They are advised to have enough money to cater for their meals which will be available in the University Cafeteria.
  4.  All First Year Students are required to carry along with them original and photocopies of all documents as outlined in the Admission Letter.
  5. Student are to ensure that their NHIF subscription or medical cover is up to date.
  6.  All students shall adhere to the Ministry of Health guideline on Covid-19 such as wearing of masks, maintaining social distance, washing of hands and sanitizing at all times.

Please note that Online teaching is ongoing and for any clarification do not hesitate to get in touch with us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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