The university wishes to bring to your attention an impersonator (s) who is/are masquerading as the Vice Chancellor for Karatina University Prof. Mucai Muchiri on Social media platform - Facebook . The Impersonator (s) has/have currently set up a profile on Facebook under the name Mucai Muchiri complete with a profile picture of the Vice Chancellor in academic regalia from a past graduation event. And has also posted pictures of other events attended by the Vice Chancellor.

The impersonator (s) try/tries to seek personal details from unsuspecting victims by posting various job opportunities and encouraging people to send their CVs for employment consideration.

Please note that at no point will Karatina University advertise for available positions or communicate through other sources apart from its official website, and local media.

The University is therefore alerting the public not to respond to any requests made through the said impersonator (s). In the meantime, the University is pursuing legal means of stopping this unfortunate incidence from continuing.