Karatina University wishes to announce to all its students to confirm 2017/18 Regular Examination results with their respective Dean of the Schools from 3rd August 2018. Special /Supplementary Examinations will be administered from Monday 13th August, 2018 to Friday 17th August, 2018.

Students with Supplementary/Special Examinations should sit the examination(s) as indicated on the timetable. There will be no carry over of failed courses to the next Academic Year.

Students due for Supplementary/Special examinations shall be required to clear any outstanding fee balances and pay a non-refundable examination fees of Kenya Shillings 1,000/= per paper before they are cleared to re-sit the respective examination.

Students due for Special Examinations shall NOT be required to pay any examination fees, but shall be required to clear any other outstanding fee balances.

All students due for Supplementary/Special Examinations should register and show evidence of clearing fees to the respective Dean of School by Friday 10th August, 2018. Students not cleared by this date will not be eligible to sit the Supplementary/Special Examinations.

The Examinations Timetables are as below;

1. Revised - Supplementary/Special Examinations timetable*** 

All other enquiries to be directed to the respective Dean of Schools or Registrar (ARSA) Office between 8.00am and 5.00pm.