Directorate of Privately Self Sponsored Students

The Privately Sponsored Students Programmes (PSSP), Directorate is one of the five Directorates of Karatina University, headed by a Director, PSSP. The Directorate was formed in August, 2014.  Currently the directorate has 1,171 registered students in various academic programmes. The main objectives of the PSSP Directorate is to provide access, equity and relevance for education at Karatina University to those who are eligible and to support the University mission of teaching, research  and outreach & extension as may be determined by the University Council.  The goal of the PSSP programme is to enable Kenyans and other nationalities access education when they are not sponsored by government.  The PSSP in-takes are conducted in January, May and September every year.  The PSSP students can pursue their courses in Karatina Main Campus, Itiati Campus, Riverbank Campus, Karatina Town Campus, Nairobi Campus, Nanyuki Campus and Nyeri Learning Centre.

The PSSP, Directorate through its marketing department enlightens members of the public on the role played by Karatina University in the enhancement of quality university education globally by attending education and trade exhibitions.  The Directorate promotes Karatina University’s corporate image and senate approved academic programmes and has built stakeholders confidence.     The stakeholders have acknowledged Karatina University as an institute of academic excellence not only in Mt.Kenya region but also globally.

The Directorate is guided by a motto “Inspiring Marketing Innovations and Brand Leadership”.  The Directorate is critical to the growth of the University and that is why it aspires to redefine how universities should market themselves and continuously seek opportunities where others see risk