Our Vision

To be a University of global excellence, meeting the dynamic needs and development of society.

Our Mission

To conserve, create and disseminate knowledge through, training, research, innovation and community outreach.

Our Programmes

Professional Certificates, Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, Masters and PhD programmes

Main Campus

Karatina University Main Campus is Situated 15km North off Karatina town at Kagochi, Karatina, Nyeri County

Timelines 2020-2021 Academic Year


From: Registrar (ARSA)            To: All First Years and Continuing Students            



Further to an earlier communication dated 25th June 2020 on the above subject, students are informed that On-Line Teaching will commence on Monday, 10th August 2020 guided by Teaching timetables available at respective departments. Student are advised to take note of the following:

  1. University Leaming activity for the New Academic Year (2020/2021) will continue Online following Presidential Directive on Covid-19 Pandemic.
  2. Students are requested to familiarize themselves with Online Teaching Timetable at respective departments.
  3. Payment of Fees for First Semester 2020/2021 Academic Year started on 1st July, 2020 and be completed by 10th August 2020 in line with Fees Payment Policy (FPP) Clause 5.2 "Students will pay all fees on the date of admission and registration iv) Ensure Online Semester Registration on or before Friday, 4th September 2020) in line with FPP Clause 5.5 (d) The individual Student whose name will not be in class list of bonafide students will be deregistered from the Semester after lapse of 20% class attendance rule  (20% Registration Rule).
  4. Ensure completion of Online Course Registration through the student's portal by Friday, 2nd October 2020). This requires clearance of all fees for the Semester. Otherwise the student is advised to defer the Semester of study. Please note that you cannot defer the end of Semester Examinations because of in ability to pay fees.
  5. Confirm Registration for Examinations from Friday, 2nd October 2020 to Friday 9th October, 2020) through the student portal.
  6. Administration of Examinations start on Monday, 16th November, 2020 to Friday, 28th November, 2020 for Semester One (2020/2021 AY). A detailed timetable will be communicated later.
  7. All students are further advised to keep track of University activities by constant accessing the University website, Student University Email Address and Respective Departments Communications Notices.

Thank you

Dr. Wangari Gathuthi REGISTRAR (ARSA)

Cc Vice Chancellor

    Deputy Vice Chancellor (ARSA)

    Deputy Vice Chancellor (PFA)

    Registrar (P&A)

    Age Finance Officer All Deans of Schools

    Dean of Students


Schools and Departments

The School of Agriculture and Biotechnology aims at training highly skilled manpower for the Kenyan Agricultural sector. The School currently offers several undergraduate programs that include Horticulture; Food Science and Nutrition; Agricultural Economics and Resource Management; Agricultural Extension and Rural Development.

The School comprises of three departments namely:-
- Food Science and Nutrition
- Agricultural Resource Economics & Economics
- Crop Science
-

The School of Business (SoB) aims at producing managers and business leaders of international repute. We strive to achieve this through imparting our students with best management and entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and practices that are globally accepted. Our students are given the requisite skills that are vital in management and growth of the economy.

The School has four Departments namely:
- Department of Business and Entrepreneurship
- Department of Human Resources Development
- Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management
- Department of Economics
-

The School of Education and Social Sciences aims at producing graduates who will serve in various capacities in the Education sector, Social welfare organizations and Government agencies locally and internationally. This School has positioned itself for the realization of the National Vision 2030 by developing programs that address the social and political pillars envisaged in the vision.
The School has five departments namely:
- Department of Humanities & Languages
- Department of Social Sciences
- Department of Education Foundation
- Department of Planning and Curriculum
- Department of Psychology and Communication Technology
-

The School of Natural Resources & Environmental Studies is dedicated and receptive to engagements for mutual benefit to the society and the graduates. Its mandate is to create an avenue for information interchange pertaining to Natural Resources Management for a better today and tomorrow. The School empowers graduates with appropriate knowledge and skills necessary in promoting entrepreneurship and community development in natural resources utilization and conservation of the environment.

It comprises two departments namely:
- Department of Natural Resources
- Department of Environmental Studies
-

The School of Pure and Applied Sciences (SPAS) aims at producing professional scientists for careers in industry, teaching and research. The school focuses on imparting knowledge in the areas of chemical, biological, Actuarial and information technology sciences. Our programs are designed to ensure that graduates are equipped with practical and intellectual skills relevant to the needs of the society.

 The Departments in this school include:
- Department of Mathematics, Statistics & Actuarial Sciences
- Department of Computer Science
- Department of Physical Sciences
- Department of Biological Sciences   
-